Tuesday, August 30, 2022

My first fabric collaged journal

Hello dear readers, I hope everyone is enjoying summer so far...
I am back to share another style of journal, this time with my very first fabric 
collaged cover.

I have admired for so long all my favourite fabric artists, especially those creating many layered vintage fabric collages, 
so I tried it for myself, and this was my result. 
I believe this is also called slow - stitching :) :)

I was quite late in discovering slow - stitching; but since then, I've found myself a bit obsessed with hunting for vintage fabrics, especially antique linens and laces. Now that I have built up a little collection, I can start to create collage projects by grouping together like colours and textures. 

I found slow - stitching described as:

Slow stitching is a new art form built on old traditions. The movement was originally spearheaded by Mark Lipinksi, one of the quilting industry's most well-known figures.

Slow stitching is a craft where modern creativity meets ancient practices; a craft that's about the journey, not the destination. Slow stitching isn't about mending or making garments from a pattern. Neither is it about working towards a goal or a timeframe.

Slow stitching is about using the needle and thread in the same way you'd use a paintbrush. It's about creating art, about enjoying the process rather than worrying about the product.

Basically, slow stitching is about taking a step back from the busy, chaotic world we live in. It's about appreciating the moment, about taking a few deep breaths and relaxing. In other words, it's about mindfulness.

Doesn't that sound wonderful? An art practice that is relaxing - not stressful, more concerned with exploration - rather than fixed goals, focused on peaceful enjoyment - not rules, or complicated expectations. As well as, low investment! You can pick up a few fabrics at your local thrift store, and some basic trims, needles and embroidery thread at your local craft store. 

If you love fabrics and sewing, I highly recommend you try your hand!

  I selected various pieces of coordinating vintage fabric pieces, then starting with a sort of base piece of fabric, I layered on different pieces and swatches of fabrics and trims, and once I liked the arrangement, I hand sewed them all together using some very simple embroidery stitches.

Here are some more photos of my journal signatures.

Lots of collaging using bits of vintage book pages, lace doilies, and printed images. 
Then I use gesso to blend my elements together, and add messy black Stabilo writing.
Your journal is a space for anything that suits your fancy...design plans, drawing practice,
favourite poems, songs, or photographs. 


Thanks for looking, see you next month.

Love, Lisa xoxoxo

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