Saturday, April 27, 2019

'one fine day' a canvas for Mixed Media & Decor

Hello my crafty friends!
I'm back to share a canvas I created after watching a video
of one of my favourite mixed media artists, Anastasia Korvyakova.

'one fine day'

I saw a post on her blog the other day where she shared a video tutorial of 
a project she created for Mixed Media & Decor. I've used torn up denim for 
a while now, it was a great way to bring some texture and some boyishness
into the pages I would create with photos of my son. Here I covered a small
canvas board with vintage papers, covered it with gesso and inks,
and then added denim pieces, flowers, a feather and some vintage 
buttons. I also used a vintage family photo.
There is a contest going on and I would like to enter :)

Here is a link to Ana's video found on her blog post here,
 and also a link to the 
Instagram account Mixed Media & Decor,

Here are a few closeups:

 Thanks for looking,
Hugs, Lisa xo

Sunday, April 21, 2019


Hello my lovely readers!
If you are still here reading my blog...welcome!
I'm so glad you stopped by....I haven't been creating any pages lately,
as I have had quite a dry spell when it comes to my creativity,
but I recently purchased an online art journaling course, 
and I have promised myself to at least try to keep up with some journaling 
pages as they are quicker and easier to make. 


The classes I purchased are from Laly Mille, and I love her style.
Her course called  'The Artist and the Journal' 
taught some great techniques about breaking a blank white page -
(yikes! that was so welcome - as I'm sure all of us have felt a small sense of dread while
cracking open a brand new journal), and some cool ways of incorporating paints
into the spreads (using my fingers - it's fun and I highly recommend it).
I also have enjoyed listening to her thoughts about incorporating personal
meaning into the pages, emotions drive us to create art, and exploring 
how to capture a little bit of yourself using papers and mediums is so 
relaxing and rewarding. I created this spread using watercolors, watercolor
pencils, tea stain, a few stamps and some die cuts. 

Here are a few close ups:

The postage stamps are from a package of paper that I ordered from Poland.
I love to collect bits of unusual papers, they can add a lot of character
to your journaling. It can be packaging, vintage book pages (my favorite)
or pages from a magazine, which I haven't yet tried.

Hugs always,
and a Happy Easter!
Lisa xo
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