Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hello girls! I hope everyone is having a good week and staying warm! We have not had any snow yet but some below freezing temps....I recently discovered the Russian blog scrap-tea, which has a challenge called Shadows of Winter - find it here - and after seeing all the beautiful work done for this challenge, I wanted to play along with something very snowy and winter themed. I was inspired by the colors dark navy blue brown and white, the snowflakes - I used a vintage crocheted snowflake star - and the photos of animals, the nature theme, and the silver and brown, which I incorporated using the small brown flowers...I found this adorable little bird and then found some feathers in my stash...... I wish the light had caught the sparkles on this page, it really glitters....I am loving Stampendous vintage glitter sooooo much it's making it's way onto each page lately ;) I also used a Blue Fern Studios circle piece (which ended up being mostly covered up), and a small birdcage piece which I gessoed lightly and then added silver white glitter.....I was looking around at some of the girls blogs that had entered and just fell IN LOVE with this Russian has a very "old world" feel to it, lots of rich textures of old book pages, bits of lace and ribbon and little trinkets, keys, dried flowers.....just pure vintage loveliness.....

Here is the challenge.....

Sixteenth job "Shadows of winter"

Hey, girls!
Today we have a new job, and, of course, we could not forget the New Year's theme: all these pleasant cooking - otkrytochku and gifts for the most loved ones, holiday decor, sparkling shop windows ... So much inspiration in everything!
For a new job, "Shadows of winter" - "Shadows of Winter" - we found a wonderful picture, we loved the colors and the elements)
1. Any work in the New Year and Christmas theme 
2. Palette: black, gray, white - the colors are basic brown and ink blue - the colors more, you can also use metallics (gold, silver, bronze)
3. using any of the three elements from the image and be sure to write a post with the work that used

And here is a picture alone, it was convenient to consider.

Some close ups.....

Something a little different for me, but loved the inspiration, how about you, are you ready for a little snow?

Hugs, Lisa XO


  1. Lisa, красивая страничка, с множеством интересных деталек) Здорово!

  2. какая красивая фотография с птицей...наш воробышек... такой выразительный!
    страничка здоровская.. будто пургой замело!!! и на солнце заискрилось!


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