Sunday, April 21, 2019


Hello my lovely readers!
If you are still here reading my blog...welcome!
I'm so glad you stopped by....I haven't been creating any pages lately,
as I have had quite a dry spell when it comes to my creativity,
but I recently purchased an online art journaling course, 
and I have promised myself to at least try to keep up with some journaling 
pages as they are quicker and easier to make. 


The classes I purchased are from Laly Mille, and I love her style.
Her course called  'The Artist and the Journal' 
taught some great techniques about breaking a blank white page -
(yikes! that was so welcome - as I'm sure all of us have felt a small sense of dread while
cracking open a brand new journal), and some cool ways of incorporating paints
into the spreads (using my fingers - it's fun and I highly recommend it).
I also have enjoyed listening to her thoughts about incorporating personal
meaning into the pages, emotions drive us to create art, and exploring 
how to capture a little bit of yourself using papers and mediums is so 
relaxing and rewarding. I created this spread using watercolors, watercolor
pencils, tea stain, a few stamps and some die cuts. 

Here are a few close ups:

The postage stamps are from a package of paper that I ordered from Poland.
I love to collect bits of unusual papers, they can add a lot of character
to your journaling. It can be packaging, vintage book pages (my favorite)
or pages from a magazine, which I haven't yet tried.

Hugs always,
and a Happy Easter!
Lisa xo


  1. Beautiful page Lisa! I miss your work because I always find it inspiring! You're a great artist, create more often :)))

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